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Ecosuds Products Division provides safer, more environmentally friendly products to help maintain your world
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Carpet & Upholstery Care?
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Canadian Manufacturer's Representative For
Using environmentally friendly products is not just good for the planet. It's good for business too.
Businesses that use Green products find their employees are sick less often and can reduce the costs associated with handling the more toxic versions of the products.
Your Customers and clients will also appreciate that you are offering a safer and healthier business to visit.
Canadian Distributor For:
Solar Seal Indoor fabric Fun Fade Protector
Solar Shield Protection®

Carpet and Fabric Protection Spray for Indoor / Outdoor UV Fabric Protection
Solar Shiield UV and Stain Fabric Protector Canada
Ray and Rain Water proofing and u.v. protection
Specifically formulated to stop sun fading and soiling and for waterproofing fabric awnings, tents, tarps, boat covers, umbrellas, flags, beach bags
and golf bags or to weatherproof any of your outdoor fabrics."
Protect your sofa
protect your carpets Ontario
Protect your Rugs
Upholstered Furniture
Oriental Rugs
Protect your boat upholstery
Protect your car interior upholstery
Protect your patio furniure from sun fading
Boat Interiors
Auto Interiors
Patio Furniture
Protect your boat cover from fading
Protect your patio umbrellas
Protect your awnings
Boat Covers
Patio Umbrellas
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Click Here for more information
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Solar-Seal® Protection

Spot, Soil &“Sun Fade” Protection
for all interior textiles
Our Sun and Soil LLC brand of fabric and carpet protectors will help protect your investment while preserving the beauty of your fabric and carpet covered surfaces.
other fabric and carpet protectors may protect you from spills, abrasive damage, soiling, and staining like our Sun & Soil products do. Sun & Soil adds an all important element that will not only protect your fabrics and carpets from stains, spills, abrasive dirt and soiling, but also from sun fading and damage.

Have you:
- Moved your sofa and noticed the carpet was a different shade under it?
- Bought a beautiful patio set and watched it's colour fade away?
- Had a boat cover perfectly matched to the colour of your craft, only to change shading after just a few weeks?

Let us help you protect your valuable fabric and carpeted surfaces.

Sun & Soil is an Environmentally Friendly Carpet and Fabric Protector.,LLC
Jenesco Ozone Generators
Jenesco Ozone Generators
Are you looking for an environmentally friendly and highly effective method of eliminating odours from your home or building?
Jenesco Ozone Generators are a proven effective technology to remove all types of odors including smoke, tobacco, pet urine, sweat, body odors, skunk odor, off-gasing...... Almost any odour can be completely and permanently eliminated using a Jenesco Ozone Generator
Ozone Generators for Hotels an Motels
Ozone generators for restoration companies
Personal ozone generator Ontario Canada
Eliminates tobacco odour
Eliminates pet odours
Ecosuds Products represents the entire line of Jenesco Ozone Generators in Canada.
Jenesco Ozone Generators are used around the world to rid odours from:
Vacation Homes

Fitness Centers

Long Term Care Residences
Trucks & Trailers
Mobile Homes
Jenesco Ozone Generators now available in Canada from
Ecosuds Products.
Jenesco Ozone Generators
Ozone generators for restoration Canada
Click here for information on the Complete line of Jenesco Ozone Generators
Ecosuds Products - Products to Make Your World Healthier and Safer

Distributor of
The healthiest, longest lasting, best smelling scented candles and home fragrances you will ever enjoy!
Over 70 wonderful scents!
You will love our line of natural palm wax candles.

Our 16oz jar candles will typically last between 90 and 120 hours!

They burn virtually soot free.

Our flameless candles (melts) will fill your home or business with more fragrance and last longer too.
Do you love scented candles?

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