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Solar-Seal® Protection

Spot, Soil &“Sun Fade” Protection
for all interior textiles
Upholstered Furniture
Oriental Rugs
New Solar-Seal® Fabric Protection treatment combines the highest level of anti-soil protection available with the latest in sun-blocking ultra-violet chemistry.  This clear, totally invisible, highly durable micro-emulsion formula is not water based and can safely be applied to almost all interior fabrics, drapes, oriental rugs and carpets.  This revolutionary new treatment not only protects your textiles from spots and spills but also from fading and color loss caused by the sun.

Independent testing using A.A.T.C.C. protocols shows that a single application should extend the life of the color by 10-40%. The Solar-Seal® Protection treatment protects textiles against everything except acids, bleaches and synthetic dyes.

No need to apply a dark film to your windows and feel as if you’re looking outside through a pair of sunglasses.  No need to worry about everyday spots and spills.  No need to limit your color selections in high light or use areas.  Now you can keep your furnishings cleaner longer, enjoy your office or home’s natural view and have total piece of mind.

To find or become an applicator in your area, just contact us at:

"The Best Protection Under The Sun!"

“New from the Sun & Soil L.L.C. Laboratory”
U.S. Patent Approved!
Australia, Canada, Japan, E.U. Patents Pending
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Solar-Seal is applied by fabric care  professionals and trained retailers. It provides the highest level of protection for your valuable furnishings, carpets, and rugs.

To find an authorized applicator near you, please email us.

Would you like to become an authorized applicator of Solar-Seal® Fabric and Carpet Protector in you area?

We may be looking for applicators in your area (Canada only. Click here to become an applicator in the US or elsewhere).

You must be either an experienced and ethical Carpet and Upholstery Care Professional or Retailer of quality upholstered furniture, carpet, or rugs.
Please call or email for more information on becoming a
Solar-Seal® Authorized applicator.
Professional Applicators Needed