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"Solar Shield is an auto upholstery, boat upholstery and patio/outdoor fabric protection spray that helps prevent staining, soiling and sun fading"!
Solar Shield Protection® is a fabric protection spray designed to keep indoor and outdoor fabrics, including outdoor carpet, safe from fading caused by the sun, safe from spills and spotting, and safe from weathering. Solar Shield Protection® offers the ultimate in peace of mind when it comes to protecting many types of textiles—including boat upholstery, auto upholstery, and patio fabric. Solar Shield Protection® spray works! Because of its uniqueness and effectiveness, it has been given 2 United States patents and 2 foreign patents.
Solar Shield Protection®

Carpet and Fabric Protection Spray for Indoor / Outdoor UV Fabric Protection
In addition to our Solar Shield fabric protection spray, we also offer Ray And Rain Repellant® spray for waterproofing and sun fade protection of fabric awnings, tents, tarps, boat covers, umbrellas, flags, beach bags, golf bags and other outdoor fabrics.

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Boat Interior Fabric/Carpet Protection
Patio/Outdoor Fabric Protection
Auto Interior Fabric/Carpet Protection
Protection against stains and sun fading for Patio Furniture Fabric and other outdoor fabrics.

Solar Shield Protection® is the key to preserving the life of outdoor fabric. It helps stop fading caused by the sun, stains caused by spills, and provides water resistance on a variety of patio fabrics. In fact, outdoor fabric treated with Solar Shield dries faster, whether drenched by a soaking rain or a pool-side splash.

Even with harsh weather conditions and direct sunlight, Solar Shield Protection® will last beyond an entire season when applied only once to outdoor patio fabric. 72 hours after Solar Shield Protection® is sprayed on patio furniture fabric, complete U.V. protection, stain and water resistance are in place. Within 4 hours of application, the outdoor fabric is dry to the touch. This product is safe and non-toxic, and one gallon will cover about 2,500 square feet of medium-weight patio furniture fabric. That’s a lot of outdoor fabric protection on patio chairs, cushions or couches!
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An invisible fabric protector spray that protects auto upholstery from spots, spills, dirt and fading caused by the sun.
It couldn’t be easier to protect auto upholstery fabric and carpeting with Solar Shield Protection®. Solar Shield’s unique solvent-based, micro-polymer formula begins working in a single application. The coating it offers contains sunscreen to resist fading and provides an invisible barrier for making car upholstery more durable and resistant to staining. By eliminating fading caused by the sun and soiling caused by spills and wear and tear, Solar Shield Protection® is able to dramatically extend the life of your auto upholstery fabric.

Solar Shield Protection® is simple to use because the product sprays on easily, is safe and non-toxic, and dries in about 4 hours. Within 72 hours of application, Solar Shield is totally bonded to the treated car upholstery and ultimate U.V. protection and stain resistance are in place. One gallon of Solar Shield goes a long way. It covers about 2,500 square feet of medium weight fabric. Moreover, a single application of Solar Shield Protection® lasts for several years on car upholstery.

For “the best protection under the sun,” consumers and manufacturers choose Solar Shield Protection® for unsurpassed auto upholstery protection.

* Solar Shield Protection is not intended for use on vinyl surfaces and upholstery

Protect your boat interior fabric from water damage, spots, spills and fading caused by the sun.
Solar Shield Protection® is a unique solvent based micro-polymer chemical that imparts a durable, invisible protective coating specifically formulated to provide carpet protection and fabric protection for indoor / outdoor use textiles like those used in boat interiors.

A single application will create or restore, stain, soil and water resistance.  It is also the only product specifically formulated to prevent fading caused by the sun on all types of indoor / outdoor fabrics. 

Made to provide carpet protection and fabric protection, Solar Shield Protection® imparts stain protection and water resistance to fabrics, Solar Shield Protection will protect your investment and extend the life of your boat interior furniture and drapes.  Safe and non-toxic.  Easy to apply; no mixing, simply spray on.  Dries to the touch in about 4 hours.  Fully bonds to an invisible, lasting finish with maximum U.V. protection against soil and fading in about 72 hours. 1 gallon of Solar Shield Protection will cover approximately 1500 square feet (length x width) of medium weight fabric.

Items treated with Solar Shield Protection® will dry faster when the weather clears allowing for quicker storage.

A single application will last for an entire season.

"The Best Protection Under The Sun"
Solar Shield Protection® Has Been Granted A
United States Patent