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Jenesco Ozone Generators
Are you looking for an environmentally friendly and highly effective method of reducing or eliminating odours from your home or building?
Jenesco Ozone Generators are a proven effective technology to remove all types of odors including smoke, tobacco, pet urine, sweat, body odors, skunk odor, off-gasing...... Almost any odour can be completely and permanently eliminated using a Jenesco Ozone Generator
Jenesco Ozone Generators are used around the world to rid odours,
mold, and mildew from
Vacation Homes
Storage Units

Fitness Centers

Long Term Care Residences
Sports Equipment
Trucks & Trailers
Mobile Homes

Pet Stores
Butcher Shops
Pet Stores
Grocery Stores
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The Scent Remover II
Jenesco, Inc. Ozone Generator kit
Hockey & Football Players - eliminate those “knock your socks off” odours.
Hunters & Wildlife Photographers - eliminate your scent and increase your chances.

The Scent Remover II doesn't cover up or mask odors - it eliminates them!

·No body odor
·No wood smoke odor
·No tobacco smoke odor
·No car odors (gasoline, oil, etc.)
·No whatever-you-ate-for-supper-last-night odor
·Get the idea?
Our Scent Remover II will eliminate virtually ANY odor from your gear! Just put your gear in the bag and treat it overnight!
Note: Scent Remover II can not remove odors caused by perfume or aftershave..

Just run the hose from the garment bag to the output tube of the Scent Remover II so it is air tight and it will fill the bag with air. In fact when you use this technique it causes a positive pressure inside the bag which drives the ozone into the fabric of the clothing. This increases the deodorizing process and reduces the treatment time to just a few hours. Running it overnight is even better.

You can wear Ozone treated clothing within a few minutes after treatment, but they may still smell like ozone for an hour or so. When you hit the outside air (i.e. heading into the woods) the ozone smell will begin to go away. The ozone will react with the organic matter in the woods and turn back into oxygen.
You can even rid the cab of your vehicle of tobacco smoke, body odor, etc. The night before, just drag an extension cord to the vehicle, plug it in and let the Scent remover II run over night with the doors and windows closed
If you break for lunch and head back to your vehicle, plug the Scent remover II in the cigarette lighter and give your clothes a fresh booster treatment while you eat.

Product contains everything needed: ozone generator, garment bag, 3 ft. hose, wall mount power supply and cigarette lighter adapter.
All of our products are sold with a
Two Year Warranty and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

remove odours from hunting and work clothes
Remove odors from hockey and football gear